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Saturday, November 15, 2008
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Are Designer Handbags Worth The Money

By Lee MacRae

Ladies worldwide these days desire to emit a fashion statement to the world around them. And one of the ways to finish off a fashionable ensemble is a great handbag by a designer like Brahmin or Matt & Nat. But many people are concerned about the amount of money, they may have to pay. Are you getting real bang for your buck?

If you can easily afford it then money is not a problem. But if you want to make sure you get value for your money you want to be confident that purse or handbag by Diesel is worth it. Well, the good news is manufacturers of designer handbags used top grade material such as leather. Top grade leathers give products like handbags a fine appearance and a long lasting quality since it resists abrasion and handling very well. Fine leathers also have the additional quality of suppleness. If you handle a handbag and hear the leather make a cracking sound, forget about it!

There is some truth to the oftten heard statement, "you will pay for the name". But you should also understand you will pay for quality when you buy a name brand product. Top-of-the-line designer handbags by American West or Sak use only the very best leathers.

Want a hint to know what you're getting? Top designer handbags will always have a fine lining material inside. Cheap leather bags will not have that feature. Manufacturers of the cheaper products are trying to keep the cost down as much as possible. Cheaper handbags have low-grade linings and low grade hardware on them. Avoid these like the plague. Top full grain leather's come from top grade hides and have no imperfections. This natural grain is extremely durable. It simply does not wear out and eventually will develope a rich patina that increases in beauty. Full-grained handbags are often made from the skins of young cattle and are prized for their smooth texture and fine quality.

To sum up, even though a handbag by Longaberger or Burberry ,may seem expensive, what you are buying is a product that is top-notch that will stand the test of time. So don't hesitate, buy a designer handbag today.

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More Info On chanel purses

Everyone loves Gucci, and a great classic Gucci fragrance has to be �Envy� with its musky smell with hints of amber cedar nutmeg and ginger it never fails to disappoint.
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If your Gucci watch has a stainless steel or metal strap, it is ok to clean it with soap and water to keep it clean. When drying it, gently rub the strap with a soft cloth. If you have a leather strap, it is ok to gently clean the strap with water, but you want to dry it as quickly as possible by gently rubbing it with a soft cloth. Any kinds of perspiration or water for an extended period of time can break down the leather.
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Many accessory lovers are seeking a Gucci purse that features their famous beige print design, red and green ribbon, and gold horse bit buckle. You can find these style of classic handbags, as well as, their darling leather purses with the bamboo handle, and much more.
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Mon, 25 Feb 2008 06:30:00 GMT

Are you tired of reading books? Me too. Over the years, I developed pulpuslaceratapohobia - and the only known cure for that is Audible. Finally, a way to digest words without actually having to read them. Professional voices are wonderful choices if you love literary works in audio format. Are you ready to read some audio books? Maybe you should just listen to them instead.

In Rare Move, Luxury-Goods Makers Trim Their Prices in US - Wall Street Journal

Fri, 14 Nov 2008 05:01:42 GMT

Wall Street Journal Blogs

In Rare Move, Luxury-Goods Makers Trim Their Prices in US
Wall Street Journal - Nov 13, 2008
With even the biggest spenders starting to scrimp, luxury companies from Chanel SA to Versace SpA, Christian Louboutin and Chloé are reversing the ...
Luxury Goods Not Quite So Luxuriously Priced NBC Los Angeles
The Daily Thread: Luxury Companies Start Discounting, Mattel To ... Wall Street Journal Blogs
all 3 news articles

Topman Set to Launch New Range from Antony Price

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 12:35:03 -0700
(Fashion News and Information) Topman the leading UK men039s fashion retailer has announced its partnership with Antony Price one of Britain039s most important fashion designers who has been designing clothes for a number of high profile celebrities since the 1960sThe new range from Antony Price httpwwwtopmancomwebappwcsstoresservletCategoryDisplaycatalogId1755138storeId1255538categoryId13915138langId138topY and Topman will focus......

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Couture Updates

Our Featured Couture Article

Coach Knockoff Purses And Handbags - How To Spot Them

By Sofia Saliem

Do you know how to spot Coach knockoff purses and handbags? The first thing you need to spot is by observing the quality of leather. In fact, this is one of the easiest ways to spot a fake or counterfeit.

Authentic Coach purses are made of high grade quality leather and Coach knockoff handbags can actually have fake leather on them.

There are instances where Coach knockoff purses use real leather as well and to spot these, you need to observe closer. You will notice that authentic Coach handbags have double stitches and are tougher than most fakes. The stitches on the non-authentic ones may sometimes be jagged or slanted in some cases but their makers have learned to improve these with time as well.

Also, when you look at Coach knockoff handbags at first glance, you will not notice any major difference between the original but if you inspect the interior of the handbags, you will find that there is a difference in quality. Authentic Coach purses have excellent craftsmanship.

Obviously, if budget is a big concern to you, getting these knockoffs is understandable however be prepared to feel awkward when you go out shopping with them. You may notice subtle stares and glances on your Coach knockoff purses as they are visibly less chic than the real thing and you may find it easier to get damaged as well.

An authentic Coach handbag carries a lifetime guarantee and is a better outlay of your investment. They are expensive because they are more durable than the fakes and they exude such quality from the craft. The materials used are not sub-standard for the brand and they even have a resale value should you want to change for a new handbag one day.

The bottom-line is if it's within your means, try not to get Coach knockoff purses and handbags for yourself as you may regret the purchase in future. Save up for that dream Coach designer handbag if you really love the brand.

If you are looking for authentic Coach purses and you want good deals, you can look to buy online on eBay. The best deals are definitely there and not to worry, eBay protects its buyers should anything go wrong.

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Tips On chanel handbags

Don�t go swimsuit shopping tired or full. It�s not time for bathing suit shopping after eating a full meal or completing a hard day�s work. In a negative frame of mind, nothing will satisfy you. In fact, it may even completely discourage you. Try to go swimsuit shopping in the morning or early afternoon, perhaps after you've exercised and drank lots of water, when look and feel your best.
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Think in terms of outfits when you shop, and be practical. When you buy a new dress, be sure you have shoes and other accessories to go with it. Maybe a jacket or scarf to wear over it to give it a different look.
Clothes Styles and Body Shapes
-High collars shortens necks.
-Tight tops with short sleeves and breast pocket is detracting from your figure. Shoes with straps shortens your legs. The torso can be shortened or narrowed with seam lines, belts, bows, and collars.
-A short necklace can shorten your neck.
-A scarf or belt that hangs down toward the legs will make the legs appear longer. Knitted texture, lace, floras, prints, and plaids can assist in creating an illusion. T
-thicker vertical lines in plaids lengthens and slims.
-Wear a larger print where you want people to look and smaller print where you do not want them to look.
-An all over print can camouflage figure problems, but prints here and there can create a fuller you.
-Prints around the neck and over the shoulder can make your shoulders appear wider. Just wear prints near the parts of your figure's assets, because they are usually more eye catching than a solid color.
-When buying pants be sure they fit well. Defects are emphasized in a pair of pants that may go unnoticed in a skirt.
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All The Latest News From The chanel handbags World

James Bond week: 007 and his girls are back with a crisp new look

Sun, 02 Nov 2008 05:50:54 +0000
The styling in the latest Bond movie Quantum of Solace is decidedly sharper and more polished says Jessica Fellowes.

Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons designs for H?M

Sun, 02 Nov 2008 05:51:01 +0000
Though designer collaborations with highstreet chain stores are nothing new the range for H?M by the uncompromisingly radical Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons has caused quite a stir. Naomi West reports.

Update your look with bright and quirky tights

Sun, 02 Nov 2008 05:51:11 +0000
This season there's even more reason to say byebye to bare legs and hello to tights thanks to designers championing hosiery in all kinds of crazy colours and prints writes Phong Luu.

Beyonce Knowles chooses young British Fashion star Gareth Pugh

Fri, 07 Nov 2008 11:11:24 +0000
The R?B singer gives vote of confidence to one of Britain's most avantgarde young designers.

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