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Wednesday, December 31, 2008
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Coach Handbags � Can You Own One For $100?

By Nicole Ross

It might sound hard to believe, but it is actually possible to own an authentic Coach handbag for under $100. Coach Handbags are available in-store for about $200-$600. Depending on which style of Coach handbag that you are looking for, you may luck up and find one for under $200 retail.

Even though Coach handbags are what I have coined as �affordable luxury�, a person with the tightest of budgets may find it difficult to own a bag for a hundred bucks or so. In this article I will break down the costs for you for each category that Coach has and help you find that handbag that you have been wanting, but thought you couldn�t afford.

Coach has handbags that go from small, medium to large and vary in prices. The smallest handbags are not even handbags�they are called wristlets. You can snatch one of these cute little accessories up for prices ranging from $48-$128. The largest wristlet is about 8�(L) x 4�(H). They are not very big, but are very useful for certain occasions. I usually buy the wristlets and use them for when I�m doing my holiday shopping and want my cards and cash to be easily accessed and concealed. Or, I use them for wallets for certain handbags. It�s much cheaper to do it that way than to try to have a wallet for every Coach handbag you own.

If you plan to own a Coach handbag and do not want to pay much over a hundred dollars, than your best option would be the smaller bags. The medium bags start at $198.

Here is a quick list of some of the smaller Coach handbags that are available to you in the $100-$200 price range.

Coach Hamptons Weekend Watercolor Stripe Swingpack - $98.00

Coach Hamptons Weekend Patchwork Top Handle Pouch - $128.00

Coach Signature Stripe Pouch - $128.00

Coach Signature Stripe Demi - $158.00

Coach Signature Cotton Carly Demi - $228.00

Coach Ergo Leather - $198.00

Coach Ergo Signature Small Hobo - $198.00

Coach Carly Signature Top Handle Pouch - $178.00

Coach Legacy Leather Top Handle Pouch - $168.00

Coach Legacy Oxford Stripe Top Handle Pouch - $198.00

Coach Signature Multi Stripe Swingpack - $128.00

Coach Soho Pebbled Leather Hobo - $198.00

Coach Leather small Hobo - $198.00

Coach signature Hobo - $198.00

Coach Hamptons Swingpack - $118.00

Coach Signature Duffle - $228.00

Coach Classic Signature Swingpack - $118.00

Coach Classic Signature Demi Pouch - $138.00

As you can see, Coach only offers one handbag for $100 or under. If you are serious about finding Coach handbags for less, then you are better off looking elsewhere. The secret to finding Coach handbags for a discounted price is to shop online at an online shop that sales authentic Coach handbags.

I know of a great place that has all of the Coach handbags that I listed above for under $100. No joke! You can find great handbags for prices that you have only wished you could pay. No more wishing ladies; its time to go shopping!

About The Author

Are you ready to find out just how you can get those Coach Handbags for a steal?

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The first Coach outlet opened fifty years ago and was started by a family. After the first outlet started, they later grew the business and opened three hundred shops in the US.
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Chloe Names Paulo Melim Andersson As Creative Director

Jeweller Stephen Webster is named creative director of Garrard

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Where has size 12 gone?

The size 12 woman loves her Gap, H&M and Ann Taylor. We can always find and fit into some affordable khakis -- and have our choice of colors and leg lengths. But what if we don't want to look like the woman sitting two seats away from us on the bus? What if we're in the mood to throw some hard-earned cash at some pricey designer clothes from a cute little boutique?

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Sunday, December 28, 2008
More Information on Fashion

Our Featured Couture Article

Is Buying A Designer Handbag Or Purse Wasting Money?

By Lee MacRae

The latest in fashion rage is designer handbags. Just about everyone like your girl friend or your great grandmorher wants to be fashionable with a Diesel bag. Yet, when you consider the money you may have to pay for a designer handbag, the question that we have to ask is, are we spending our money wisely?

It's obvious that most people around the country today obtain their money through hard work. They want to know if a purse or bag by Celine is worth the money. Will they get full value in return? The short answer is, yes they are worth. And the reasons why?

Because designer bag are usually made from the finest materials. A handbag by Donna Sharp will normally only use leather that is top grade, that is beautiful, supple and will last a long time. So, although you will be paying for the name you will also be getting a top quality Still not convinced?

Here is a good thing to know, top leather handbags have a fine lining material as well. Cheaper handbags will not. Makers of lower grade products look for every possible way to keep costs down. Cheaper handbags have low-grade linings and low grade hardware on them. Avoid these like the plague. Full grain leather products are made from top grade natural hides without imperfections. Top grain leather's are extremely long wearing. It is extremely durable and over time, develops a rich patina that increases natural beauty. The skins of young cattle are usually used for full grain handbags and have extremely smooth texture, and very fine quality.

So is it worth it to purchase a handbag made by Versace or Beijo? The answer is yes. You will be acquiring a quality product that will finish off your outfit perfectly.

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When a fashion diva wants to truly shine, all she needs to do is grab her best designer Gucci purse to finish off that perfect outfit. The handbag she will most often grab is her Gucci bag. Gucci is world famous for their high fashion line of clothing and accessories.
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t seems that everyone is looking for cheap Coach handbags these days and there's no wonder why. With the average retail price of a coach handbag set at around $300, many shoppers are left trying to find a discount designer handbag somewhere other than at a retail store.
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Stay on trend and elegant with this very femini...

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Fashion label Toast launches video

Fri, 19 Dec 2008 15:58:47 +0000
Fashion label Toast have launched their first ever movie online which is based behind the scenes on a location shoot says Hilary Alexander.

New Mac Pro

Fri, 26 Dec 2008 23:10:52 +0000
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The game features two different game play modes and seven diverse, customizable locations. Treat hundreds of unique types of patients suffering from different ailments and conditions! ...]

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