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Saturday, November 29, 2008
Fashion Information

Are Coach Handbags Worth The Money?

By Lee MacRae

One of the latest fashion trends is the designer handbag. Just about everyone like your step sister or your sister-in-law wants a handbag by Caterina Lucchi. Yet, when you consider the money you may have to pay for a designer handbag, the question that we have to ask is, are we spending our money wisely?

For someone who has money to burn the question doesn't really matter. But for those who want to get the most bang for their buck, you want assurance the Botkier purse or handbag is worth the money. Well, the good news is that most designer handbags are made from the very best material, usually leather. Top grade leathers give products like handbags a fine appearance and a long lasting quality since it has excellent wind resistance and abrasion to the elements. Leathers that are top quality grill so extremely supple. If you look inside a handbag and can hear the material make a cracking sound, forget about it!

No doubt part of the cost is the name of the designer. But it is also true that you're going to pay for the quality built into a brand-name product. Top-of-the-line designer handbags by Gwen Stefani or Prada are made with only the best leathers available.

Here is a good thing to know, top leather handbags have a fine lining material as well. Cheap leather bags will not have that feature. Manufacturers of the cheaper products are trying to keep the cost down as much as possible. As a result, you will find cheaper linings and even cheaper hardware. You're wasting your money. Full grain leather products are made from top grade natural hides without imperfections. This natural grain is extremely durable. It simply does not wear out and eventually will develope a rich patina that increases in beauty. The skins of young cattle are usually used for full grain handbags and are prized for their smooth texture and fine quality.

So is it worth it to purchase a leather handbag made by Celine or Nicky Hilton? Yes, you will. You will be acquiring a quality product that will make a real fashion statement with your outfit.

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Most fashion design courses last for three years. As well as teaching students about the artistic and technical side of the subject, some courses include a year working in the fashion industry, to give students a taste of commercial fashion design. Others offer the chance to visit fashion houses abroad. At the end of their final year most students produce a collection which is then shown to buyers and prospective employers at the college show. To keep cost down, each collection consists of around three to eight outfits (the number varies from college to college). To put across a consistent and memorable look within this limited range of garments, students specialize in one particular area. Many colleges enter students for design competitions, sponsored by clothing or fabric companies.
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When it comes to buying swimwear keep in mind that you can de-emphasize your butt by wearing less. The less fabric you have the smaller the target for peoples eyes. The more fabric, the bigger the butt will look. Another way to draw eyes away from the buttocks is to wear an eye-catching top. It can be colourful, jewelled, patterned or anything else that might be attention-grabbing. Pair it with a solid, darker bottom so your swimsuit doesn�t look too busy.
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Mon, 25 Feb 2008 06:30:00 GMT

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Couture Updates

Our Featured Haute Couture Writer

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juicy couture kids News From Around The World

British Fashion Awards: Luella Bartley named 'Designer of the Year'

Tue, 25 Nov 2008 22:53:26 +0000
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Fashion News: Comme des Garçons collection at H?M

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 15:08:58 +0000
Rei Kawakubo the enigmatic Japanese founder and designer of the cult label Comme des Garçons would have totally approved.

Fashion Interview: Guess

coco chanel dress

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haute couture

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